Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, I had a exhausting weekend. I did something I don't normally do. It was my friends birthday and after work, about 10:30, I went out to celebrate for her. We danced, laughed and it was a wonderful night out. We were one of the earlier people to leave, at 3:30 in the morning! I actually have no idea when the last time I was out that late was, it has been a long time. It was a great night. But t has my wiped out today too. I woke at 8 Saturday morning, went to soccer practice. Went home, tried desperately for my kids to take a nap with me before I had to be at work at 4. TV was on, one kid sleeping, other content, I dozed off right away. 5 min later the phone rang and all my lovely plans of sleep were changed. So, without sleeping I worked from 4 to midnight last night. I rushed home and crawled into my bed.

This morning the kids had to try to wake me up many times (I know, great mom, right). I even went downstairs, poured cereal, handed out sippy cups and went back to bed. Not mother of the year work but I am so exhausted I can barely stand it. Hopefully today is a day of not doing much and well behaved kids so I can recover.

And yes, I still think it was worth it. Getting dressed up, laughing and dancing with girl friends is always worth it. The others are moms too, I don't know how they did it. Some of them got home about 4. Definitely worth it, but next time should start a little earlier in the night.

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