Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Howl o Ween

I know, I said I would have all sorts of fashion info for you soon. But instead yesterday we had a lovely family day. In the morning, I dropped off the kids at playgroup for 2 hours so I could get some work done. This is mostly how I get work done and I'm so grateful that they offer this around here. And for only $5 for both kids. Amazing deal! And the people there are wonderful. They played guitars with a musician for 2 hours, how cool is that!

Anyway, I digress. The only bad thing about yesterday was how brutally cold it was. It is so hard to be happy and peppy in this cold. Even though it was cold, we went pumpkin picking. It's a really cute pumpkin picking place and for awhile we were the only ones there. They have roosters and turkeys and goats. And this little playplace area where there's a slide and you can play on hay bales. And then there's the pumpkins! Lots of wonderful fun pumpkins and some wierdly colored and shaped gourds. We got about 5 in different sizes and went home to plan our jack o lanterns.

Well the other day when I was exhausted and we were watching tv, Samantha saw a commercial on Nick Jr. for these pumpkin stencils. She wanted to make a Dora pumpkin. So, being the fabulous mother than I am, I actually went on the website printed the templates (which I had to go to work to do bc our printer is broken). Well, it turns out, they don't just have Dora, they have 10 different options.

So, Samantha wound up picking a Uniqua (from Backyardigans) template. And then we found some cool things in our carving kit. So we worked for about, I don't know, maybe 3 hours and made these wonderful things.

I have to say, I am so impressed with ourselves. Tim did the best job. His is the big skeleton one. I was so happy with how these came out. And I was even more excited because when I texted a pic to my mom she thought we bought them! So this is what we spent yesterday doing. Fashion tomorrow, I promise!

And as for the title, once someone bought my dog a collar that said Happy Howl o ween, we thought it was really funny for years!

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