Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Long Week

wow, cannot believe it's Thursday already. Usually don't like Thursdays because the weekend is close. The weekends are so busy for me. They are my real work week. My week is usually filled with busy activities. I am home alone with the kids, but kind of like it. I get to watch my shows, blog, do whatever want after I get those sweet children off to bed at a reasonable hour. Usually one night I let Samantha stay up a little bit late to watch something special with me. Then this week came. My inlaws were visiting which was very helpful. I went to the grocery store alone, I went to CVS alone, and I drove to pick up my CSA alone. It was heavenly. But also, my computer is in my living room. I didn't blog, I haven't even logged into google reader since Sunday. Glee was not watched. This week was doubly bad because Life Unexpected was a repeat and still don't have Fox due to stupid Cablevision stuff.

But I am excited for this weekend! Halloween fun! We have lots of things to do and hopefully it all goes off wonderfully without problems. Tomorrow Samantha goes trick or treating with school, Sat has soccer and Halloween parties. And Sunday has the same. I'm excited to have fun with the girls.

A very cute interaction with my daughter this morning. We were driving behind a school bus. "Mom, when do I get to take the bus?",
I reply, "Maybe when you're in Kindergarten, next year."
Sam, "I don't see any car seats on that bus"
"You don't use a car seat on a bus".
"Well, maybe you should drive me then."
"Sure, I'd love to drive you if that's what you want, the bus is safe though".
"Well, maybe when I'm a teenager I won't need a car seat and can take the bus".
"Yes, that's a accurate statement."

Samantha is obsessed with teenagers, she cannot wait to be one. The other day she asked me if when she's in high school she can sing in the hallways like the kids in Glee.

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