Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fashion Forward

Ever since opening my restaurant a year ago I have cared a lot more than I used to about what I wear. I see a lot of people and I think it is important that I make a good impression in and out of the restaurant. We live in a small town and believe me, I see patrons of the restaurant outside of the restaurant daily. So I try to put some thought into what I wear and how I look. I am far from a trendy person but I have definite ideas on what I like. I thought I would share some of my clothing and accessory ideas on this blog. I'm sorry if this is boring or not what people want. But, it's my blog. : )

I love reading design and fashion blogs and I love seeing what things put together or what brands people think are really great. So hopefully you will enjoy it too. I think I feel better about myself on a daily basis when I put an extra 10 minutes into choosing what I wear and putting on a little makeup. I am working on putting something together for tomorrow.

A no worries, I'll still have the everyday mommy craziness that mostly defines this blog. I was just thinking my blog sounds a little mommy whining and needs a little more substance. And it will give you all a chance to see another side of me. Hope you like it...

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