Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The DVR debate

There are 2 nights of the week when I like to watch TV. Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love my DVR. They are set up to tape and I can watch them whenever I want. I still like to watch them on the days they are on. But I start at like 9:30. After the kids are in bed, kitchen is cleaned and the house is sort of cleaned up. Tuesdays are a big night for my DVR. I actually DVR One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Glee and Parenthood. So last night for some reason I turned the tv on. And my shows were not taping. Some Baseball: The Tenth Inning.

I was mad. It is completely crazy doing bedtime and dinnertime totally on your own almost every night of the week. I really look forward to my glass of wine and to be able to watch my show at leisure. It's like meditation for me. So anyway, I cancelled his show to tape mine.

I do not ever call Tim at work from 4 to 10. So, for a second I thought, I could call and make sure. But that would be a silly thing to call for. Then, I reasoned that he knew my shows were taping. It it was important he had plenty of time to tell me.

So anyway, I cancelled his show. He got home about 11. And we got in a fight, over tv. It's so silly, I know. I don't spend that much time with my husband and yet we argued over a tv show. He was mad. I was mad, even though sort of "won" I guess.

It wasn't a huge fight, we got over it. He claims I have all the time in the world for tv. (Yeah, right). I shouldn't be able to tape something (or 2 things) if he wants to watch something. I could just watch it.

Well, that's all. I'm working on a life list, things I want to do. To come...
The picture is my sweeties on the first day of school. And, of yeah, don't judge me for One Tree Hill, it's a good show, I swear.

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d e v a n said...

ooh, dh's football erased all my shows last week - that I hadn't had time to watch - and I was furious. It might be dumb to fight over, but it happens. lol