Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boots Are Made For Walking

My favorite thing once the weather starts to shift is that I get to start wearing my boots. I am quite find of almost all my boots. My favorite are my Fryes. I have 4 pairs and I love 3 of three of them deeply, the 4th, was my first Frye purchase. I wish I could say I loved them the most because they're the oldest but I just don't love them like I used to.

Frye # 1 - The Harness Boot
Bought 3 years ago. My first big purchase in a boutique clothing store near my house. It was the week after XMas. I had gotten money for XMas and they were in my size. I went and tried them on. They were on sale for $150. A lot of money for me. I couldn't believe I was thinking of spending this on shoes (my feelings on this has changed slightly over the years). I didn't buy them that day, or the time after that. Finally, I brought my husband and tried them on. He said I should go for it. He believes in spending money on quality products and he definitely believes in spending money on shoes. So I got them and wore them almost daily that whole first winter season. They are a beautiful dark chocolate brown. I still wear them, just not as much as I should.

Pair #2 - The Suede Campus with Shearling Interior
I got these 1 1/2 years ago. I love love love them. They are sort of like Uggs b/c of the shearling interior. When I first got them I wore them every day. They were like slippers, I wore them inside the house until bedtime. I did not want to take them off. Unfortunetely, I didn't put enough protection on them and they are a little beat up. They still look and feel great, they're just a little worn in for a suede boot. Oh well, I still wear them, over jeans, with skirts, dresses and leggings. On the first cold day of the year, these are my favorite thing to break out.

Pair #3 - The Vintage Cowboy Frye
These my friend (the owner of the boutique store, is now my friend) found in NY and they were in my size. I'm not sure what that says that I became friends with the store owner. Perhaps, I shop too much? I hope not. I try not to, but I do have to dress up for work and there's not many options around here. Anyway, I digress. These are lovely and my current favorite. I love the heel for a everyday look. They're pretty perfect. Oh, they're great broken in tan with a stripe down the side.

Pair #4 - The Birthday Splurge / Not Yet Worn
The fourth pair is a beautiful bordeaux color. I just got them for my birthday. I actually haven't worn them yet! They are a fancier boot than my others and have a higher heel. I envision wearing them to parties and to work. I have to see how the heel goes with wearing them for 8 hours on my feet.

Anyway, I highly recommend Fryes. Yes, they're pricey. Some of them are way pricey, the most I've spent is on my newest pair and they were $275. I can't let myself spend more than that, it's my limit. And I know I won't get another pair until next year. These are my boots for the year. They're comfortable and look great. Since getting into the Frye addiction I don't wear my old boots anymore. I no longer go near my Uggs, the shearling Fryes are just too perfect. My only issue is that I have no great black boots. Brown, chocolate, just look so beautiful to me. The black boots never look as pretty. I have one old pair from Nine West, I think, that I wear if I really need to wear black.

The one pic is all the fryes, then the other one is some of the other boots I have. The winter boots are my favorite. They are so warm and I feel like they are sort of stylish. Then there's the Uggs and the 2 black boots that I'm not totally fond of.

Sorry if this is the most boring post ever. Is anyone interested in boots? And very interesting that I think this post could have been one of my longest posts ever.


Ali said...

I am dying to buy some Frye boots...I found a pair that I am in LOVE with...I really should just bite the bullet, I think

ttsc said...

you should. they're worth it. has the best deals too.