Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things that Suck...

I just found out Flash Forward was cancelled. I really liked that show. I probably should have realized it by now. But it just occurred to me to google it.

I somehow forgot to put Samantha in a pull up last night. We bought new bedding last night at Target, which is now all full of urine. At least she slept through the night and didn't wake me up until 6:30 with this information.

I was up last night not feeling well, I think I'm on the verge of a full blown UTI. Yuck. Also, I hate cranberry juice.

I keep meaning to write a fashion post, but it hasn't happenned yet. I am not ready for winter yet. It is cold here! I have trouble looking great while staying warm. It's hard to dress for the cold weather. I just want to wear a sweatshirt.

I went to Target last night and spent a obscene amount of money there. We don't have a ton of money and I'm not proud of it. I went because we all needed winter comforters for our beds. It is freezing here already. 1 queen comforter, 2 twin comforters and a bunch of other essentials I needed. Soccer ball, fleece pajamas, a few groceries, boots for Samantha. Grand total: $325.

My dog ate the bag of kit kats we got at Target that we didn't even open yet.

I lost a prescription bottle last night and "the man" who was mowing the lawn just found it in the grass. I'm glad it was found but pretty embarrassing that you had medication in your lawn. That's good parenting. I swear, it had a child safety cap on it. That's something, right?

I will try to write a things that don't suck list later on. I'm working on my gratitude right now. Off to clean the house...

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