Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Parenting Woes

Sometimes my about to be 5 year old can be just so annoying to her younger sister. This is especially happening at bedtime. Both Samantha and I read to Ella together, then we sing to her. Then we kiss her good night. Lately Samantha can be so annoying at that time. She will be pulling on the book from her sister. Saying the words ahead of time. Tonight she kept putting her foot on the book. It's like she's doing it just to be annoying and difficult. I feel badly for being a little tough on her. But, this is supposed to be a nice, quiet wind down time and Samantha can make it so difficult. It's amazing that someone can be so sweet sometimes and just so terrible other times with her sister. I guess that is sisterhood.

An update on Ella's bedtime. Tonight I have walked her back to bed 3 times so far. Last night she woke up and we let her in out bed. Today someone suggested a gate in the doorway and just tell her she has to stay in her room. This seems a little harsh to me for someone her age. Tim agrees and thinks that is not a option for us. I guess I'm just hoping she will grow out of it.

This morning I told Samantha she should put on her tights herself (I was in the shower at the time). She looked at me and said, "you're a bad mom." So many thoughts went through my
head at that moment, I wasn't sure what to say.
Number 1, she has no idea what a bad mom is.
Number 2, I think she might be a tough teenager.
Number 3, many ways I could go here.

I decided to tell her that I was not, in fact a bad mom. That really hurts my feelings to have her say that. Bad moms don't feed, clothe, or take their children to school. She just looked at me and said, okay, you're a good mommy.

Lately a lot I feel on the brink of being too harsh with her. I just feel like she is at this critical age where lessons need to be taught. She'll either learn or become a big brat. She needs to know what is appropriate to say to people, and as her mother I should be teaching her. Right?

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here yet but Tim and I are going away for 2 nights at the end of the month, this is seriously needed. We went away for a very short one night last February, left at night and returned at 8 AM the next day. Before that, it had been before Ella was born. So, this is needed, maybe I'll have more patience afterwards. I can just keep picturing those 2 nights when I start to get frustrated.

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