Saturday, November 13, 2010


I’m a big fan of Christmas. Most specifically I’m a big fan of Christmas cards and Christmas trees. I guess I should be politically correct and say holiday cards. My usual MO is to pick out Christmas cards early. I scrutinize over what photos to pick. I’ve been known to stage elaborate photo shoots since my first child was barely 1 year old. Hundreds of photos to scour through. My husband is not a fan of this process. We probably argue over it yearly, the fact that he does not care what kind of Christmas card we send. How is that even possible? However, he swears that it is true. I can do whatever I want. One year I should test him and get a sample of some crazy Christmas card and see what he says.

I know what I want in a Christmas card. I want my kids to look adorable (obviously). I prefer the cards with 3 pictures. One of each of my children and one of them together. This year, I might branch out and get one in there of all 4 of us, if I can get the hubby to agree. We do not have many pictures of all 4 of us, he works way too much for that. It’s likely to get this I would have to have him in his chef coat at work, with the rest of us smiling festivally around him. I have also been known to order Christmas cards and have half of them sit on my desk never sent. I’m sorry if you were meant to get one last year and didn’t.

Two years ago we used Shutterfly. I loved that picture. I can’t for the life of me remember what last years card was. We had just opened a restaurant and I don’t even know if I did one. Anyway, my

My favorite part about shutterfly is that you can adjust the pictures so much to see exactly what you’re getting. I love popping tons of pics into those little boxes to see what they will look like. I also like that you can check several items off your gift giving list. Grandparents love calendars and mugs with pics of the kids. It is so easy and they are so happy. Every year we give each set of grandparents a calendar.

For holiday cards this year, I like the simplicity of this one.

and the amount of pictures you can get with this one.

But I think my favorite is this beauty right here. I like the amount of pictures, the monogram and I love the saying. "And I Think To Myself what a wonderful World". If you can't feel that way during the holidays then when can you?

Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free holiday cards. Learn more about it here.

Shutterfly will be providing me with 50 free cards for writing this post, but the thoughts are all my own. Well, I’m off to go get some good pictures of the kids for my cards!

Oh, and by the way, has any seen CVS, they have a full Christmas decorations out since the day after Halloween, that's just not right. Now my daughter is yelling about how she wants Barbie ornaments every time we go in there. Frustrating....

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