Thursday, November 11, 2010

As always, my life is feeling like a whirlwind. The days pass so quickly, so much seems to get done and not get done. And, I am exhausted.

Knitting is going well, I'm almost done with my second scarf. It is taking longer that I thought and I decided to make a hat next. I'm a little nervous about the circular knitting so someone suggested I crochet. It seems complicated, but probably just because I'm used to knitting. So, I'll get there. I just have this lovely vision of the 4 of us wearing hats I made. Believe it or not, this seems like a very impressive feat.

I used to take Samantha to a weekly playgroup where for the first hour everyone played and for the second hour people watched the kids for you while you sit in a group setting with a counselor. It is at times very cheesy and wierd but sometimes it was great. When I was potty training Samantha it was great to talk about my frustrations or hear tips from other people. Sometimes the group facilitator, who I guess is a licensed "life coach", can you be a licensed life coach, I'm not sure?, can be quirky. When nobody has a big issue to discuss she will make us go around the room and say what is wonderful about us. I've done this so many times in the last 4 years that I'm so over it and can't help rolling my eyes like a teenager when she brings it up. That will lead her to say, "and why does this make you so uncomfortable..."

Anyway, I'm not painting a pretty picture. It is a great place to go because you have something to do, you know at least a few of your friends will be there, and it can be fun. I went this week with just Ella for the first time in about 6 months. It was actually nice, we did have to say what was wonderful, but I'm so used to that by now, it's no big deal. I said it was wonderful that I go to a organized exercise class once a week because I'm taking time for me, even if that is all I do some weeks, at least I know I'm doing something. I also told them I started a blog. Only 2 people know about my blog in real life (husband and 1 friend). It was like I was sharing a little secret about myself. It was fun, and they all thought it was a great idea. They all might be googling me now, if they care that much. Number 1, I don't think I'm easily traceable and Number 2, my secrets aren't all that juicy that I need to hide them. I just do like knowing that family and all friends aren't reading my blog. What about you? Does everyone know about your blog? My old blog, I used to email out to remind people to read every so often, so all my friends and family read it. For this point in my life, I prefer it this way.

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