Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Blues

I'm getting a little bummed about the holidays and how much money every costs. There are so many pretty things and so little money. I know I am not in a dire situation and we will have a fine holiday season. My kids have lots and don't need more stuff. But sometimes I get that picture in my head of the tree with present piled high and part of me wants to do that for my kids. And part of me knows it's ridiculous and they shouldn't be getting stuff just to get stuff. When I see pictures like this, I can't help it, I want it. I've always loved beautiful clothes and to see my girls on Christmas in matching dresses like this? I would die of the cuteness. I love them! Also, I look at the pricetag and how in the world did a catalog arrive in my mailbox where a dress, for a child, costs $198?!?! It is insane. so pretty, yet so insane. Somehow my brain equally believes both is true.

My children will not have matching beautiful dresses for the holidays. We don't need them. They have lots of clothes. The money. They will have christmas movies, christmas songs, ornaments, lights and a tree. This will have to be enough, even though Chasing Fireflies is trying to tell me that it isn't.


d e v a n said...

Aw, the dresses are cute, but your girls will FAR appreciate not going broke over pretty dresses. (That are ridiculously overpriced)
It does get frustrating sometimes, to see how much everything costs!

ttsc said...

I know. of course, you're right. Thanks for commenting!