Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Details Details...

I thought I would give some more details on my small but motivated list.

I have always wanted to learn French, I always thought it was such a romantic language. When I lived in NYC I was supposed to take French lessons, and then it turned out it didn't start until the end of my pregnancy, so I just never did it.

To run in a marathon - I am not a runner, I have run, but am definitely not a runner. Currently I feel like I'm in the worst shape. My jeans are feeling a little snug and I just feel yuck. I seriously need to get off my ass and do something. How do people with young kids find the time? When my kids were babies I was fine, I would exercise with them, strap them on me and I would go. Right now I'm in a rut.

Oh, how I want to play the guitar. Have I mentioned this before? Because my four year old also wants to play the guitar. So, guess who is taking lessons? Yes, the 4 year old. My hope is she will teach me. (I do listen in on their lessons and go home and practice)

To move somewhere, San Francisco, Portland, or someplace abroad. - I have a lot of regret with this one. About a year after college Tim and I were going to move to Portland, Oregon. We did research, we looked for jobs, we looked for apartments. Then I spoke to my mother about it. Basically I feel like I was a big baby because I couldn't do it. My mother said, you can't go that far. And I actually listened. Who does that? I am a classic first born, I have (almost always) listened to my parents. I need to remind myself when my kids are that age that I should let them have experiences and not be afraid to lose them. Currently Samantha thinks I should go to college with her, so we might not have this issue. It's never too late, right? Maybe we could move somewhere when the kids are older, although that seems so far away...

to be crafty - working on it. Going decently well. Knitting is good, birthday party plans coming up next month, I plan to be quite crafty for her Fancy Nancy party I have in the works.

to foster a child. - Although I want to do this, I honestly have no idea if it will happen. Maybe later on in life when my kids are more grown. Right now my husband does not want more kids, while I do, but not for awhile yet. I'm still fairly confident I can convince him but alas, this is for another, more serious post, the whether or not to extend your family post.

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