Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uh oh...

I am looking forward to bedtime. I think it will have to be a movie night for my own sanity. Kids ate a lovely dinner of scrambled eggs with veggies. They are driving me somewhat crazy. 8 o'clock movie for Samantha, tucked in my bed sounds just perfect.

Things done today:
went shopping with insane children
witnessed tantrums
Heard kids arguing
Made dinner
Try to relax while cleaning up
Find huge poop on bathroom floor (yes, seriously)

Things to do tonight:
Find hotel for family visiting
Find kennel for dog of family visiting
Make Ella's birthday invitations
Sign and stuff envelopes for community center
Give baths
Read new book

Oh, and in other random news:
Better Midler came to the restaurant today and I was not there to see it.
And we counted the money in Samantha's piggy bank so she could buy her sister a bday present. She had $142! I was shocked!

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