Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Birthday Post #1

Yesterday we had a lovely birthday for Ella. We will have a party next weekend. We woke up and had birthday pancakes, with a candle in it. This is one of Tim's family traditions. My favorite part of family life is the mixing of both our traditions. Mine is that you make a birthday dinner, they get to pick. We made lasagna for dinner, one of Ella's favorites, since she can't actually request a real dinner yet. We went to the mall. It is hilarious to me that we went to the mall for Ella's birthday. You can tell we live in the country and not the suburbs. My kids never go to malls, so it is a real treat for them. Samantha thinks the mall is the best place ever. So we brought them to the mall that is an hour away and went to build a bear. They each got something. But now, we agreed next time the person who isn't having a birthday can get something small, a new shirt for the bear to wear, and not get a new bear. The whole thing cost $65 for 2 bears! Oh well, it's her birthday.

When we got home we made dinner and my parents came over. It was a perfect little birthday. She got a cradle for her baby, a piano, a little people barn toy and a highchair for her baby from Samantha.

They are now playing happily with the new toys. It worked out perfectly for her realy birthday to be almost a week before the party. It all seems very relaxed and nice to enjoy the birthday as a small family.

On a side note, how do you deal with a 4 year old thinking pretending to pee and poop on things is hilarious. It really bugs me, and Ella copies everything she says. Do you just let them do this stuff and get it out of their system, or are time outs in order? A time out seems excessive for saying, "I'm pretending to pee on my toys" but it really bugs me. Does this make me a terrible mom? Oh, and as I type this she's doing it over and over again. Surely, just to bug me.

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