Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glass Half Empty or Half Full

I did something crazy last week. I took both kids by myself to the Dutchess County Fair.

Version of the Fair Interpertation #1 :
Drove up looking at fair stuff with stars in our eyes.
Saw baby calf born monday (on ellas bday).
Rode the merry go round and thought this is why we came, magic.
Saw the look on the kids faces on the kiddie roller coaster, pure joy.
Hilby the juggler, made my kids balloon animals.
Trying on tie dye shirts
Ella won two fish! (by herself, she threw 2 balls into the goldfish bowls)

Version of the Fair #2:
Tons of traffic
Got out of car, screw fell out of stroller. Tried not to get discouraged.
Tried to balance drink, stroller, and hold Ella in stroller bc she knows how to get out.
Samantha had a huge tantrum with because we almost missed the Hilby the juggler show.
Children having to go potty many times.
We bought 2 ears of corn bc the kids love corn and they didn't eat a bite (for $7).
Both fish are now dead.

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