Friday, August 13, 2010

Butterfly Garden

Today, we went to the Butterfly Farm. First, Samantha informed me that it would not be cool, because she sees butterflies all the time. Then, she saw the website and decided it might be cool.

It was about a half hour away. I got out of the house on time. Amazing, I was very impressed with myself just for that. I remembered the snacks, water and diapers. When we were halfway there I realized I forgot the wipes, oh well, I would just hope for the best.

Oh, I also forgot the ergo. Ella never wants to go in the ergo anymore. She wants to walk like her big sister. Well, not today. "Hold me" "Hold me". So I held her. We went for a walk where we see lots of butterflies. It got a little more fun then. The kids were into it. Then came the time to describe how a butterfly is born. This took awhile. Ella did not behave. She was walking around, touching things in the teachers display. I was getting a little discouraged. I was thinking, 'why do I do this stuff?' It's supposed to be fun. I'll take pictures and in 6 months will we remember how much fun we had, or will I remember this feeling I'm having?' We learned all about pupas, caterpillars and butterflies. We saw real caterpillar eggs, real pupas, real butterflies. Samantha was really enjoying it.

Then we went into the butterfly "room". Lots of butterflies around, the kids had a great time. Definitely the highlight of the trip. Then Samantha had to go to the bathroom. There was a really gross port a potty, the kids dropped their snacks in the port a potty. Always a good time... it's always exciting with us. Snacks went in the garbage and we went for a walk to the dragonfly pond.

This is probably where the "real" highlight of the trip happened. Thankfully, we were alone when this occurred. We went down the trail to the pond. Then Samantha had to use the bathroom (#2) in the middle of the woods near the pond. I was terrified someone would walk down there. she could not wait and had to go right then. So I told her to go. Just then Ella sprinted down the path in the other direction. I was yelling at her to stop, she wouldn't stop. Samantha is on the other end, screaming "mommy, mommy". Seriously, Ella would not stop. It was pretty crazy. Then my cell started ringing. I sprinted, grabbed Ella and ran back to Sam. It was a fairly long path we were on. Thank God, nobody walked down at that moment and witnessed my craziness.

Then, as if we were in 2 alternate worlds, we walked backed to the others, ran and played and acted as none of this had happened.

Wow, I'm tired again just thinking about it all. Pictures (of the fun moments) to come.

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d e v a n said...

Oh gosh, the #2 story is so something that would happen to me! lol