Sunday, August 22, 2010

Those Days...

Wow, it is one of those days. I had lots to do today. I was going to be productive. But then I woke up to rain, and it has been a downpour all day. It is incapacitating me. I am unable to go grocery shopping. The thought of bringing 2 kids and groceries in and out of the car is the least appealing thing I can think of. I just want to sit on the couch all day. So, it will be a macaroni and cheese kind of dinner day. A get nothing done day. Well, I will attempt to clean the closet.

I am groggy, I actually feel like the rain. I guess that will happen when you're on "vacation" yet again with your kids and no husband. A 5 hour ride on vacation. When I returned on Friday I had to go to work 1 hour after I got back. I worked Friday night, I woke up early Saturday to be at the farmers market by 8:30. I worked the farmers market until 1, then had to be back at work at 5. Yuck. No wonder I feel like this.

Tomorrow is Ella's birthday! I had big plans for today so we could do nothing but focus on Ella tomorrow. The plan is to go to the children's museum and then build a bear, and then come home and have lasagna and cake.

The rain is so loud, it is a downpour. I'm trying to do something more exciting with the kids than sit around in the playroom, but it's just not happening.

It's a big week and I'm exhausted, county fair this week, the big bday, family visiting on Friday, work on the weekend, and a birthday party next Sunday. Wish us luck getting through it all!

PS - Yesterday, in the 2 hours I had before I had to go to work, both kids fell asleep. This never happens. A normal person would take a nap. Did I do that? Noo... Of course not. I somehow wound up typing "My So Called Life" into youtube. And watching 2 episodes. And you know what, it was so much fun. Jordan Catalano is still the hottest guy ever, don't tell my husband.
So worth skipping the nap...

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