Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, I'm leaving for a vacation in Lake George. I had a very busy weekend at work, and was a little stressed about this not being a real "vacation" when you're going without your spouse, it kind of just blends into the other days.

But then I received a gift. My sister called and offered to take both kids up to the vacation house Saturday afternoon for me. I was leaving Monday morning. My eyes lit up, but cautiously. Are you sure you can handle that. She assured me she could, both her and her husband would be there.

And I said Hallelujah.

I have not spend a full day without my children since my second was born. Think of all the things I could get done. I could get my paperwork done. Clean the house. Take a nap.

They pulled out of the driveway and I did some cleaning up. Then I laid in bed, for my first nap since Ella was a infant. The phone rings, Tim needed me to go to the store for him and then go into work early. Blah! I felt sort of cheated. Oh well, I wasn't paying a babysitter and that more than made up for no nap.

After work I stayed and had a drink without adding in my head how much money I was spending on the babysitter with each 30 minutes I stayed. It was luxurious. We slept in, I slept until 9:30. Yesterday I took my nap, cleaned, did laundry, did officework, and missed my little ones. But in a good way. In a "it's nice and quiet and I can get stuff done, but I can clean their rooms and think of them and how much I miss them". Oh, and I finished a book!

Now it's Monday morning and I'm getting ready to go join them on vacation. In a few hours I will be with them. I have a feeling my vacation might be much easier since I had this much needed "break" before my "vacation". Things are looking good. I'm excited for the week.

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