Saturday, July 3, 2010

After wanting things to calm down and be more simple I just had a crazy night at work. Everything was wrong. Issues with staff, issues with friends, air conditioner broke, just a crazy night. I need some calm before I head off to sleep. I am so confused by this staff/friend issue. I guess it get complicated when people who work for you are considered friends. But in some senses that is what can make your business so great. When you're surrounded by people who really care. Well, tonight is doesn't really feel that way. The night ended with a employee and very close friend storming out and I honestly have no idea why.

I'm worried that the end of our friendship could be near. I care about him a lot and truly value his friendship, but when night like this happen, I just don't understand. We're so close, so if he was upset, why wouldn't he talk to me? It makes me feel that he doesn't value my friendship by storming out without saying anything. I don't know. I was driving home thinking, if he valued my friendship he wouldn't of done that. Or he would have cooled down and called and I would have found out what was wrong.

This also might be a fundamental issue of what is different between males and females. As stated this is a male/female relationship I'm discussing. I find that women tend to want to deal with things right away, figure it out, say what's on their mind and all that.

Men seem to sometimes be the opposite. Maybe that's the really issue here and I'm treating it as a friendship with a female. Men and women are just different. I'm confused by all this now and I think I will just sleep on it and see what happens tomorrow.

Yeah, we're having our party tomorrow!

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