Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is... And I Thought It was Just a Old Wives Tale

Vacation is going well. It's nice to see the kids having fun, they love swimming in the lake. There's just these two little things.

Thing Number 1: Vacation with 2 kids is just so damn exhausting. It's fun. But naps are hard to come by, cranky kids. Getting up early after staying up late.

Thing Number 2: I miss my husband. Now this doesn't happen often. Tim and I are so busy running a restaurant and living hectic crazy lives. We don't spend a lot of quality time together, but we also don't often genuinely miss each other. It might actually be kind of good for the marriage. Oh yeah, you, who I get annoyed with a lot and who sleeps so much, I actually do miss you when you're not around to annoy me. Imagine that!

Yesterday Samantha said she doesn't remember what daddy looks like. Nice. She saw him very briefly on Saturday and briefly on Friday. So there's that.

Last night, when I thought Tim would be finishing up I texted my husband. I don't think I've ever texted him before. Maybe one line, but we never actually had a conversation via text. It was kind of fun. We went back and forth a little. It almost felt like we were flirting.

So I'm sort of ready to get home. We were supposed to leave Friday morning, and I have to work Friday night and I'm sure the house will be a disaster. So I'm thinking of leaving Thursday night. Enjoying the next 2 days and then getting back. It's been great, but I think we're getting ready to be home.

The day I left was our 7 year anniversary, so there's that too. We didn't actually get to celebrate and probably won't for another week. So there's that to look forward to. Maybe we should go home Thursday and do something nice Friday morning before the craziness of the weekend starts.

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