Friday, July 2, 2010

Lightening It Up

Even I am tired of the negativity around here. So in a attempt to discuss something a little lighter:

We're a croc family. I love crocs, for the kids only.
For me, I like reefs. Note: I'm not too crazy, even though we have 4 pairs of crocs and only 2 kids, they're all in a different size, each child has 2 pairs, one from last year (that they still wear) and one from this year (that they'll wear next year too). Brilliant plan, right? I think crocs are so great on kids.

I however, need something new. I want a flip flop that looks a little nicer, but no heel or anything like that. We'll see...

1 comment:

d e v a n said...

I love crocs for kids too. Super cute and easy!