Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's our first official week of summer vacation and as I expected, it's all about finding the balance. so far, every day this week I wanted to make it to the beach, but it hasn't happenned yet. The nap times are off, I have work to do, something inevitably comes up. I thought if we just keep our beach bag packed in the car, it has to work sometime. At home we have swings, kiddie pool, sprinkler, a yard to run in. Sometimes when I watch them having so much fun here I think this must be enough. They enjoy it so much that I wonder why I'm trying to force something "bigger and better" into our crazy schedule? Maybe we should just save the beach mostly for our small vacations we have coming up.

I have been reading Momma's Gone City lately and have a major case of stroller envy. I have always loved strollers and it has now been about 2 years since I've gotten a new one. Jessica recently reviewed the Bob Double and Joovy Caboose, I have wanted both of those for awhile.

When I had Samantha we had the Bumbleride Flyer and the Maclaren Triumph. Then we got a used jogger. When I had Ella it was a big debate over what double stroller to get. I wanted the Maclaren double, a double jogger. I basically wanted them all. I wound up getting the Phil and Teds Dash. It is a great stroller. I loved it. But lately I haven't been using it too much. I don't use strollers often so I probably don't need the Joovy but I think the double jogger would be perfect. After reading the review I found out 2 friends of mine have the Bob Double, so of course I want it more. And my husband thinks I'm crazy. So I think I will have to start scouring craigslist for one.

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