Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Do Nothing Day

I really wish I could do nothing today. Yesterday I watched a friends child until 1 AM. She was sleeping, of course, but I waited up for them to come get her. I never have do nothing days. I got to sleep in a little, until 9. So we're slowly getting it together, I'm just drinking my coffee now. So, I guess we'll have a do nothing morning, that will have to be good enough for me.

Today we have the last dance class, we have to go pick up our CSA and I have to go grocery shopping.

It can be so hard to find the balance between letting your kids have activities and free time. Add into the mix you actually have to accomplish and it gets tricky. I think this summer I will have a goal to have one day a week that is unscheduled. That won't always be possible due to some camps she's already going to go to, but we can try our best.

I just want some days to lounge around, fill up the kiddie pool and hang out. Isn't that almost sad that I have to over plan the other days just to make time for a relaxing day?

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designHER Momma said...

I struggle with schedule as well. I love do-nothing days, but then the kids start going stir crazy. On the other hand, days where we are so busy just seem overwhelming as well!