Sunday, June 13, 2010


I joined a CSA this year. I've been wanting to do it for years and finally this year I made it happen. I'm excited to cook great, fresh foods. I'm a little nervous that my kids won't eat it, but if I just keep making it, they'll come around, right? My kids eat vegetables but they're a little picky about what veggies. They love asparagus, broccoli, strong beans, corn, and cauliflower. They're not so into leafy greens. Last week I got lettuce, bok choy, turnips and radishes. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out. But I cooked the bok choy and they ate it! They were skeptical at first, but I told them they had to try it. I just made a rule that every other day I would make a vegetable I know they will like if they try new things on the other days.

In other CSA news, on the first pick up day I totally forgot! What a wierdo I am. I really feel like I am two different people, work Taryn and home/mom Taryn. And when the worlds collide I seem like a spazzy forgetful crazy person. I called the farmer, who I know b/c he comes to our restaurant and we get veggies from him for the restaurant. So, I called him the night of the pick up day and told him I completely forgot about it. The day of the pick up was the day I had brought Sam to a new school to look at for next year, dance class and had pictures taken of the kids. I kept reviewing in my head what else I needed to do that day, I knew I was forgetting something but had no idea what. He called the next day and said no problem and dropped off my stuff to me the next day. It was so awesome to get a box full of fresh veggies.

When I'm with my children, out in public, I often feel all over the place. Sometimes I'll run into people who know me from the restaurant with my kids. They say, "Oh, I didn't know you had children." I hear this as, 'Oh, I didn't know you were a crazy person who is trying to get through cvs without one child having a tantrum and the other whining incessantly.'
Who know what they really think. But it's a constant struggle for me to handle everything in my life while still putting forth a "professional, put together" image in everyday life. Every day I am talking about the restaurant and finding ways to promote it, so it is important to me to really try not to be that crazy mom sometimes. Oh well, as long as I have more good days than bad, I guess we're on the right track.

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