Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Most days it feels as though it is nearly impossible to find balance in my crazy life. I struggle from one thing to the next, never feeling like I'm quite handling it all. It's a frustrating life at times. So I work hard and finding the small joys, the things I am grateful for. I don't want to remember this time in my life as a time when I feel inadequate daily. I should be enjoying my kids, remembering this time, having fun with my business. I don't want to get caught up in all the daily stuff and miss all the good stuff.

One thing I have truly been grateful for lately is my great friends. This has really been shown to me lately. My friends are willing to help me out all the time. They take my children without a second thought. It really means a lot to have friends who I can call in a bind and they will take my children. I hope you know I will do the same for all of you anytime. Owning a business with 2 small children would be impossible without my great friends and family. Thank you all.

So now it's on to focusing on the small accomplishments, and working on my daily struggle to get something done, focusing on the little things and not the big overwhelming feeling that I am not doing good enough.

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