Sunday, June 13, 2010


We had dress rehearsal for Samantha's recital on Saturday. We can only take pics at the rehearsal so, here are some pictures. My little ballerina.

It's so funny watching them on stage. They are dancing (sort of) and all looking at each other. You can see the moments when they forget they're supposed to be doing something and just space out. Then they remember and quickly so something resembling dancing. It's pretty funny to watch. They are adorable.

This is from the ballet number, Beauty and the Beast. This is a serious dance recital. 2 1/2 hours and the opening number is very impressive, singing, dancing, it's quite good.

Samantha loves to dance, it is so exciting to see her in a recital. She wants to wear her costume every day. But no, she can't. Why mommy? "Because what if you pee in it? Then everyone will thing you smell like pee. Ballerinas don't smell like pee." Such a good answer, I think.

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