Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Motivated

There are many perks to having a flexible schedule. I have my own business. I do not have to be at work at any time. Nobody will yell at me if I don't do what I should. I basically have no rules around my work schedule. Except for the ones I make for myself. And then I change them, or break the rules. Have such flexibility is hard. It is up to me and me alone to make things happen. Sometimes I find this difficult. It's like wanting to work out but never actually making it to the gym. This is how it is for me in many aspects of my life. Housework, exercising, working. all these things are up to me. I'm working on being more disciplined with these things. I have Ella in daycare two mornings a week for work time. But I go to the coffeeshop, I check my email, I write a post for my blog. You get the idea. I've been getting away with doing things as needed and not having total discipline. But we're getting to the really busy season for our work. I need to get really organized now in order to make it through the summer. So I entered everything into quickbooks this morning. This afternoon while Ella is napping (we hope) I will work on setting up the home office. And then things should be really easy. No excuses...

Let me just tell you all that I am grateful to have my own business. I love it, it's just also a lot of hard work. Hard work that is also somewhat easy to put off.

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