Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Sleep

Ella is a terrible sleeper.

She has never been a good sleeper. She woke up hourly until she was 9 months old. Many people told me to let her cry. I am a advocate of crying it out. I did it with my older daughter. It just would not work for Ella. She's tough. She does not give in. She has cried for hours.

She still does not nap. I put her in for naps, she screams for hours, then I get her. Finally I gave up putting her down for naps.

She is also a very light sleeper. Well, tonight Samantha woke her up. I went in rocked her, she was sound asleep and as soon as I put her down she started screaming. For about an hour... I think she might be asleep.

This is hard for me, I have mixed feelings. I hate letting my baby cry for so long. But if I don't, if I get her... she will be wide awake and will not go to sleep.

How do I fix this? How do we all have a sound night of sleep? I want to stop tiptoeing by my daughters room. I am always paranoid she will wake up and not go back to sleep. Suggestions anyone?

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