Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloggity blog

I've been reading a lot more blogs lately. My husband will often make fun of me. He doesn't understand. "Why would you read about people you don't know?". I find it hard to explain it to him. When I try I feel self conscious, maybe he's right? When you put it that way it does seem wierd.

Today I was going through my google reader. I was noticing the different types of blogs I read. Design blogs, home renovation blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs and of course, mostly mommy blogs. So many of my different interests I have blogs I like to read. It's great. And within the mommy blogs i have a handful of blogs where the moms remind me of myself. I find comfort in that. There's comfort in the fact that someone else is like me. Someone else is trying to do it all and learning to live with the fact that they can't. Someone is forgetful, not the perfect mom, not always cooking a great dinner. I like to hear that stuff. And recently I got into some other blogs, with parents who I am not like at all. I'm reading a blog by a homeschooler, a topic I find fascinating but that I would never actually do. A few of the blogs I read the parents are religious and it's nice to see that perspective even though we are not religious people. I love reading about what other parents are doing.

So there you go... Even when I am having a hard time for some reasons these blogs give me comfort. At a time when I might feel like I can't talk to my "real" friends about something, I can comment on a blog about something. Or write a post about something for all of the internet to read. So I read blogs to gain some new information, see how other people are doing things and to find comfort in the ways that I am choosing to do things.

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