Monday, March 15, 2010

I have to work on being productive. I have closets to organize and some boxes still to put away. However, I'm sitting here going through my google reader and then decided to post to my blog. Last night I made a list of the things I want to accomplish today. Let's see how I do. Blogging wasn't written on the list, but it was in my head. So hurray for me, I did something! I also have to organize my bedroom closet, mail the tax forms and exercise. Hmm.. I wonder which will be the last on my list to be done. So I'm actually not being that ambitious today, which is nice. The house is generally quite clean, not perfect by any means, but we're not perfectionists over here.

When I had my last blog I emailed all family and good friends about my blog. I was doing it mostly to post pictures of my daughter and let people know what was going on with her. With this blog, I have told nobody. The only person I told is my husband. I feel like this blog is more for me. I don't need people to read it (although I wouldn't mind) and I certainly don't need all family and friends to read it. I know a few people are reading it, I'm not sure if it's family who somehow found it or other people whose blogs that I've commented on (more likely, I think). Anyway, it actually feels good to be doing it this way. I feel like I can say whatever I want. I'm not worried at all what people will think of me. It's liberating.

We had a nice weekend. I worked Fri and Sat, we were busy, which is great. Our newish babysitter came with art stuff for the kids. How great is that? They love her. It's so great having a good babysitter again, we had issues with our last one. Family came over yesterday for dinner, which was nice. And today I'm watching my nephew for the day.

Closet, closet, I must go do the closet, I'm going to keep chanting it until I get myself up there, my nephew will probably be awake soon...

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