Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm sitting here enjoying hearing my daughters words. This morning she said, mama up. When she wanted me to get up. We went to the bathroom and she said, "teeth brush". So we brushed her teeth and when I handed her the toothbrush she said "tank you". That was the first time she said thank you unprompted.

For awhile when I give her something I say "Ella, can you sat thank you? Even though I knew she couldn't. And finally she did! It is so nice to enjoy your little ones first words. Ella is talking a lot later than Samantha did. So having to wait for it and wonder when it will come has made it that much more exciting. She's finally moved on from having a handful of words to actually talking.

In other big news we are now watching Sesame Street. She has no interest in TV whatsoever. This morning I decided to try giving Sesame Street a try. Who can resist Elmo?

Today is a daycare day, I usually try to drop her off as close to 7:30 as possible. But I was going to go for a walk/jog. There's a track right next to daycare. It's pouring out, so we're taking our time a little more than normal. It's nice to sit here with Ella while the rest of the house is still sleeping.

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