Friday, February 26, 2010

We've had lots of snow, sleet and rain this week. Lots of no school. Which means I can't go to work. During the week I do the office work/billing for our restaurant. It's great that it's so flexible but in times like this it can get me in trouble. No school and daycare means I can't go to work. Which, I know some people don't have that option. However, there's something about being able to make your own schedule, you can easily get behind. So, since we're moving Monday I gave in this week. I did the payroll, which was the necessity and not much else. I will just have to work extra hard next week.

I have my little one napping on the bed next to me while I type. This kid never naps for more than 30 min and she has been napping for a hour. Usually I put her in the crib, maybe I should have been doing this the whole time. I'll have to try it more often.

The weekend is here. For me, the weekend brings lots of anxiety. My parents are around, which always brings me anxiety. Tim works from 9 AM to midnight on the weekends. I deal with the kids all day, go to work at 5 PM, home around midnight and wake up early to deal with them (7ish if i'm lucky). I'm moving Monday and it's snowing. Snow in the restaurant business is not a good thing, especially when it's on the weekend. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. That people still come in to eat this weekend, that moving is as seamless as can be and that I stay calm this weekend.

I'm mostly packed. It's all the little things that get to me. So many little things that you don't think are too bad, and then when you're moving you have so much crap piled up in your car last minute.

Hope any readers have a good weekend too.

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