Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank the Lord!

The restaurant is busy this weekend! I'm so glad. A lot of the restaurants around here have been dead lately. We've been going strong, but last weekend wasn't great. And this week due to the snow we had 2 days where only 4 people came in total. I was getting worried. We're moving next month and I was starting to panic. What if nobody comes anymore? We've had such great press. People rave about Tim's food. So I just need to focus on that. We have a goal, and we will just make that happen. We stay very involved in local happenings, I'm on the board of so many things, we're always talking to people, this is just what we need to do to keep people coming in. We have a lot of exciting things coming up, this weekend Valentines Day, a beer tasting menu, Girls Night Out which i am planning, a live band playing in the end of February, a DJ in the beginning of March and Hudson Valley restaurant week. Wow! That sounds like a lot listed one after the other. So I'm sure we will make it through this month successfully.

And I'm so excited to move and to have my first holiday at my house. Easter! What should I cook? Will the house be ready? It's so exciting I can barely contain myself.

On another note, I gave myself the day off from working out. I've been sore, I've been working pretty hard. 4 days a week seems sufficient for now. I think once we move I'll be able to do a little more. And I very loosely counted my ww points today. Uh oh, better be extra good tomorrow!

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