Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I had a hard time getting out of the house today (everyday). I want to leave at 7:20. With 2 kids, this is hard. I should set my alarm for early, but I don't. I wait until I wake up and try to quietly get into the shower without waking the kids. By this time, they're already stirring so the tiny bit of noise wakes them. Today I left at 7:35, not bad... I thought as I was driving to daycare.

Then I got to daycare to find out Samantha had a field trip today and I had no idea about it. I got to be that mom. I hate being that mom. I feel so stupid, oh really? I had no idea you would be taking me child somewhere today. And I'm supposed to give you $5? Awesome. I have one quarter on me this morning. I drove away deciding that this would not define my day today.

(In my defense they said they sent a email, I think I'm not on the preschool email list yet, Samantha started late, last week and I think they just have me on the toddler list. It wasn't in my spam folder, I checked.)

Oh, and then I got to work to find out I forgot my work bag. So instead I'm writing this blog post. I repeat, this will not define my day. Today will be fine.

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I've been 'that mom' so many times and I totally get how frustrating those days can be.

I love your mantra of "This will not define my day." I've got to remember that one!