Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wow, time is flying by. I can't believe it's September and I'm also so glad that it is. I'm exhausted.

This summer was a insane mix of working like crazy, many short vacations (without husband) and no childcare. We had fun. We did things. No matter how crazy I get, I always feel that it's better to do things and really experience life with your children. We did the fairs. We drove to Cape Cod, Long Island, Pennysylvania, Lake George ... there must have been other things in there.

One of the great things we did this summer was have a babysitter come about once a week to help with the kids. Only about 4 hours, the same sitter often came once a week at night while I worked. The kids got really attached to her. I just love that. When I was in college I was a nanny for a little girl and I just loved her so much. I wound up inviting her and her family to my wedding. I was so involved in her life. I would love for my kids to have someone younger who they really look up and have fun with. It's hard to tell what will happen now that there is school. She'll still babysit once a week. So hopefully they'll continue being close. The babysitter even came to Ella's birthday party, she couldn't stay but she stopped by and brought a gift. I thought that was so cute.

So now we're on to the routine of school. So far, so good. This morning I dropped off Samantha at 7:45 and then went grocery shopping at 8 am. How crazy is that? It actually felt really good to actually accomplish something big so early in the morning. It would be great if that could be a weekly routine for me. We'll see...

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I love the sitter idea! I want to do that sometime soon, I hope!