Monday, May 31, 2010

My Children Are Crazy... Among Other Things

Most of the time, my children only want me. Not only do they want me, they both want to be on top of me. They must be touching me all the time. And of course, them both touching me is not acceptable. They fight with eachother over who is getting the better spot on me. All the while I'm trying to sleep, or clean, or cook. It is exhausting. I'm trying to see the beauty in this and be grateful for this. But on Monday morning, after I've worked Th, Fri, Sat and Sun nights from 6 to 12 it's hard to think of it that way.

They do want their dad basically when they can't have him, when we visit him at work, and he's busy, they want him then. This morning at 6 AM when he tried to hold one of them, they wanted nothing of it.

We finally went downstairs and I got them fruit and made breakfast. The fruit was thrown on the floor, screaming started and I prayed that the coffee would be made more quickly.

What do you do to get through these moments? I love my kids, of course we all my heart. There are many times that they are great, we have a wonderful time and all is right with the world. And then there are the other moments. I'm thinking we all must know about these. The screaming, the lack of sleep, when they want only what we are not able to give, the tantrums in stores.

We are having a lot of the tough moments right now. Ella is almost 2 and in the throes of not being happy with most things. Anything can set her off. She's also starting to talk, and those times when she says something that is not making sense (to me) over and over again it is very tough for her to deal with it.

Oh, and I was just told that I "shouldn't be mad if she pees in her pants because poopy is much yuckier than pee. And at least she doesn't do that." Well, if that doesn't teach me how to be grateful, I don't know what does.

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