Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy days

Today was a bit nutty.
I dropped off Ella at daycare and went to pilates. Then I went off to work, where I got overwhelmed and had too much to do. I got some things done. We have been working on a permit for a deck we are building for weeks now, hopefully I have everything in for that. There always seems to be something else that they need. I picked up Ella, went home to get some stuff done while she napped and then it was time to pick Samantha up. That's when things got crazy. I then had errands to do, had to get to the town hall at 5 pm to drop off paperwork, t ball at 5:30. Sometimes my days seems so overscheduled and feel like I accomplish nothing. It was pouring during t ball, which always makes things more fun, especially when you have a one year old who wants to be out on the field too. Even though I try not to get mad, during t ball it is hard for me to not wish Tim could be doing it. Or the families who come and the wives wrangle the younger siblings while the dads coach their kids along.
Tim is a chef and has to work at night. I was also really hoping that he would be practicing with her during the week. But that hasn't really seemed to happen yet. It's been 4 weeks so far. There are only 3 girls on the team and I'm worried if she doesn't practice she'll lose interest. The boys are noticeably better at this already, they must have been playing since age 2 or something.

My night got crazy when Samantha went #2 in her pants. This doesn't happen often but when she's really having fun it has happenned once or twice. So I decided that she should go right to bed. Is this harsh? I don't think so. She's 4. She shouldn't be doing that. I don't care of she doesn't make it to the bathroom as long as she tries. This time she didn't even attempt it. It wasn't that early anyway. It was 8 pm. So I made her go to bed. Much crying and screaming went on. She said, you can't do this. You have to give me more chances. Trust me, I wanted to give in. I was scared she would wake up Ella and then it would all be over. But I had to stick to the plan. I couldn't deviate after all this time. So she went to bed. It is now 8:40 and my house is extremely quiet and has been since 8:15 (knock on wood).
With that being said, I'm going to go enjoy my glass of wine and Modern Family.

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