Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Start

Well, I've been out of the blog world for awhile. But I decided to start new in 2010. I am striving to read more "real" literature, connect more to some new music (and get out of this circle of kiddie music) and take some time for myself. We also just started a new restaurant, so this blog could serve as a outlet for me to deal with the craziness of life with 2 kids, a restaurant and working in close proximity with your husband. After seeing Julie and Julia I decided to strive to learn a little more about cooking. I'm not being overly ambitious like Julie Powell or anything, I do have a job and what sometimes feels like a million kids (alright 2, same difference). Well, I must go dive into my cookbooks and find something to make for dinner tonight before I go to work. Wish me luck...

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