Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm thinking of blogging again. I just started a blog for our restaurant, so I thought, I might as well blog again. I miss blogging! My laptop has been broken for 6 weeks and for some reason I didn't sign into google reader at all during that time. On my laptop it's different, that little google reader icon is in my bookmark toolbar. It's just taunting me to click on it. I can't help it. Well I guess out of site out of mind. But I'm glad I have you back! I missed hearing about all of you!

My business blog is different I have to put a lot of thought into it. I type. I save. I re read the next day. I save again. Something is so wonderful about just hitting publish. Not thinking about how your words will affect people. What people will think. I have to do that to some extent on my other blog because they are customers and I want them to keep reading.

So I am back and I have been busy. I have the restaurant and I am selling jewelry, which is so fun. I am going to San Francisco in July. I have never been on a plane alone before. There is something really exciting about flying across the country alone. I can't wait! I'm going for a jewelry training/conference. Yay!!

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